Welcome to our Geist Wiki

This wiki is a collaborative website to support our Geisty goodness. Don't expect this to be the final location as I don't think this site allows good security options and it would suck if random people could change our stuff.  This is more of an example of the kind of stuff that can be done.  Also the ads suck!

What to doEdit

Use the Edit link at the top of the page &/or the within the page. To add a link to a new or existing page simply select the text that you want and use the button that looks like a chain link at the top middle of the edit page page. In the popup you can select an external URL or an internal page.  For the field for the new page you can either type in a new page or start typing the name of a page that already exists and it will provide a google style autocomplete listing the pages that already exist that begin with the text you have typed.  Please note: this autocomplete is slow and might take a second or two and you might think it's not doing anything. You will then get something that looks like this.  You can use the other buttons to format text, add pictures, etc.  There is also a Templates dropdown at the top of the page.  I haven't played around with them yet. When you are done simply press save at the bottom of the page.

Also, there is a Discussons tab at the top right of the page which can be used to discuss things.  (Duh)  Each discussion is page specific.


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